Indonesian Batik  – one of the dress that is now liked by the teenagers in Indonesia. Is inarguable indeed, since the recognition of UNESCO, batik increasingly steadily become noble heritage with a variety of innovation and creativity and now many sold everywhere. The old views about batik increasingly changed. Indonesian Batik young style apparently nothing in the hearts of enthusiasts mode. Following from various circles. The beginning is limited, the facebook groups and celebrities. But now it is starting to spread among the public. One actress who really like batik motif fashion is Jajang C. Noer Zaman. Almost every opportunity celebrities waiter appeared before the Indonesian batik. “Cave indeed love and never bored wear. boring wouldn’t? I cant boring? Oh, cave also has not been boring,” said Jajang in an opportunity in Jakarta. Though it collides motif. Women who were raised in two religious traditions acknowledge always enjoys batik fashion used. So also when he waiter cain combined superiors motif of flowers, as Indonesian batik style’50 s. “People will say collision, bodo. But beautiful,” said Jajang. For Jajang, no day without batik and his pride of Batik is not unabated. It was proved, when traveling overseas he always wear. Cirebon special batik motif of Mega Skies Inspiration Fashion World qualities Indonesian batik fabric is not only used when the official events but also for fun event the young man. During this Batik fashion always is associated with the dress parents but along its development, Batik is also very fit used by young people especially Batik can be used for fun events. In the middle of a global waiter style into Indonesia, occurrence of Batik with trendy style is very interesting attention.
robert kaufman batik fabric
Woven from traditional textiles designed fashionable turns to appear fresh, lightweight and liked the young man. Even according to the jajang, he never difficulties in integrating between the cloth and kebaya which will impose. “Even cave sometimes relaxed with sleeveless and other ingredients. If you feel suitable, directly imposed,” explained Jajang. The love of the works of art fashion stipulated in the Robert Kaufman batik fabric is present in the hearts of the generation of the present and of course with a better view fresh and dynamic. This means that the Indonesian batik now in vogue in various circles and age, no matter elders young, no matter for formal and non formal event. When observed, now the new teenage appear preoccupied walking around using Batik in malls or shopping centers. type of Batik that is used is a Robert Kaufman Batik Fabric and paper, this indicate that the batik really have special